small_airport Apalachicola Regional Airport AAF
medium_airport Lehigh Valley International Airport ABE
medium_airport Abilene Regional Airport ABI
medium_airport Ambler Airport ABL
large_airport Albuquerque International Sunport ABQ
medium_airport Aberdeen Regional Airport ABR
medium_airport Southwest Georgia Regional Airport ABY
small_airport Antrim County Airport ACB
medium_airport Nantucket Memorial Airport ACK
medium_airport Waco Regional Airport ACT
large_airport California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County International Airport ACV
medium_airport Atlantic City International Airport ACY
small_airport Lenawee County Airport ADG
medium_airport Adak Airport ADK
small_airport Ardmore Municipal Airport ADM
medium_airport Kodiak Airport ADQ
small_airport Robert F Swinnie Airport ADR
small_airport Addison Airport ADS
small_airport Ada Regional Airport ADT
large_airport Joint Base Andrews ADW
small_airport Albert Lea Municipal Airport AEL
small_airport Allakaket Airport AET
medium_airport Alexandria International Airport AEX
small_airport USAF Academy Airfield AFF
small_airport Jaffrey Airport Silver Ranch Airport AFN
small_airport Afton Municipal Airport AFO
large_airport Fort Worth Alliance Airport AFW
medium_airport Allegheny County Airport AGC
seaplane_base Angoon Seaplane Base AGN
small_airport Magnolia Municipal Airport / Ralph C Weiser Field AGO
large_airport Augusta Regional At Bush Field AGS
small_airport Amedee Army Air Field AHC
small_airport Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport AHD
small_airport Arapahoe Municipal Airport AHF
small_airport Amery Municipal Airport AHH
small_airport Ashland Municipal Sumner Parker Field AHM
medium_airport Athens Ben Epps Airport AHN
closed Amchitka Air Force Base AHT
small_airport Alliance Municipal Airport AIA
small_airport Anderson Municipal Darlington Field AID
small_airport Aiken Regional Airport AIK
medium_airport Wainwright Airport AIN
small_airport Atlantic Municipal Airport AIO
small_airport George Downer Airport AIV
closed Atlantic City Municipal Bader Field AIY
small_airport Lee C Fine Memorial Airport AIZ
small_airport Atka Airport AKB
medium_airport Akron Executive Airport AKC
small_airport Akiak Airport AKI
small_airport Akhiok Airport AKK
medium_airport King Salmon Airport AKN
small_airport Colorado Plains Regional Airport AKO
medium_airport Anaktuvuk Pass Airport AKP
medium_airport Albany International Airport ALB
small_airport Alpine Casparis Municipal Airport ALE
medium_airport Alice International Airport ALI
medium_airport Alamogordo White Sands Regional Airport ALM
medium_airport St Louis Regional Airport ALN
medium_airport Waterloo Regional Airport ALO
medium_airport San Luis Valley Regional Airport/Bergman Field ALS
medium_airport Walla Walla Regional Airport ALW
small_airport Thomas C Russell Field ALX
seaplane_base Alitak Seaplane Base ALZ
large_airport Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport AMA
small_airport Animas Air Park AMK
small_airport Gratiot Community Airport AMN
small_airport Ames Municipal Airport AMW
medium_airport Anniston Regional Airport ANB
large_airport Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport ANC
medium_airport Anderson Regional Airport AND
medium_airport Aniak Airport ANI
medium_airport Annette Island Airport ANN
small_airport Lee Airport ANP
small_airport Tri State Steuben County Airport ANQ
medium_airport Anvik Airport ANV
small_airport Ainsworth Regional Airport ANW
small_airport Anthony Municipal Airport ANY
small_airport Lima Allen County Airport AOH
medium_airport Altoona Blair County Airport AOO
seaplane_base Amook Bay Seaplane Base AOS
medium_airport Centennial Airport APA
small_airport Napa County Airport APC
medium_airport Naples Municipal Airport APF
medium_airport Phillips Army Air Field APG
small_airport A P Hill AAF (Fort A P Hill) Airport APH
medium_airport Alpena County Regional Airport APN
small_airport Marion County Brown Field APT
small_airport Apple Valley Airport APV
small_airport Girdwood Airport AQY
medium_airport Acadiana Regional Airport ARA
small_airport Ann Arbor Municipal Airport ARB
medium_airport Arctic Village Airport ARC
small_airport Walnut Ridge Regional Airport ARG
medium_airport Watertown International Airport ART
small_airport Lakeland-Noble F. Lee Memorial field ARV
closed Asbury Park Neptune Air Terminal ARX
medium_airport Aspen-Pitkin Co/Sardy Field ASE
small_airport Nashua Airport / Boire Field ASH
small_airport Harrison County Airport ASL
small_airport Talladega Municipal Airport ASN
small_airport Austin Airport ASQ
medium_airport Astoria Regional Airport AST
small_airport John F Kennedy Memorial Airport ASX
small_airport Ashley Municipal Airport ASY
small_airport Antlers Municipal Airport ATE
medium_airport Atqasuk Edward Burnell Sr Memorial Airport ATK
large_airport Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport ATL
small_airport Ohio University Snyder Field ATO
small_airport Artesia Municipal Airport ATS
small_airport Atmautluak Airport ATT
closed Casco Cove Coast Guard Station ATU
small_airport Appleton International Airport ATW
medium_airport Watertown Regional Airport ATY
medium_airport Augusta State Airport AUG
small_airport Alakanuk Airport AUK
small_airport Austin Municipal Airport AUM
small_airport Auburn Municipal Airport AUN
small_airport Auburn University Regional Airport AUO
large_airport Austin Bergstrom International Airport AUS
medium_airport Wausau Downtown Airport AUW
small_airport Aurora Municipal Airport AUZ
large_airport Asheville Regional Airport AVL
small_airport Avon Park Executive Airport AVO
medium_airport Wilkes Barre Scranton International Airport AVP
small_airport Marana Regional Airport AVW
small_airport Catalina Airport AVX
small_airport West Memphis Municipal Airport AWM
small_airport Maxson Airfield AXB
small_airport Algona Municipal Airport AXG
medium_airport Chandler Field AXN
small_airport Altus Quartz Mountain Regional Airport AXS
small_airport Neil Armstrong Airport AXV
small_airport Angel Fire Airport AXX
closed Ft Devens Moore Army Air Field AYE
small_airport Waycross Ware County Airport AYS
closed Zahn's Airport AYZ
medium_airport Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway Airport AZA
medium_airport Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport AZO
large_airport Beale Air Force Base BAB
large_airport Barksdale Air Force Base BAD
medium_airport Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport BAF
small_airport Battle Mountain Airport BAM
small_airport Benson Municipal Airport BBB
small_airport Bay City Regional Airport BBC
medium_airport Curtis Field BBD
small_airport Broken Bow Municipal Airport BBW
small_airport Wings Field BBX
small_airport Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive Airport BCB
small_airport Bear Creek 3 Airport BCC
medium_airport Bryce Canyon Airport BCE
closed Baca Grande Airfield BCJ
small_airport Southern Seaplane Airport BCS
small_airport Boca Raton Airport BCT
medium_airport Baudette International Airport BDE
small_airport Rinkenberger Restricted Landing Area BDF
small_airport Blanding Municipal Airport BDG
large_airport Bradley International Airport BDL
medium_airport Igor I Sikorsky Memorial Airport BDR
small_airport Broadus Airport BDX
small_airport Bandon State Airport BDY
small_airport Beech Factory Airport BEC
medium_airport Laurence G Hanscom Field BED
small_airport Southwest Michigan Regional Airport BEH
medium_airport Bethel Airport BET
medium_airport Bradford Regional Airport BFD
medium_airport Western Neb. Rgnl/William B. Heilig Airport BFF
small_airport Bullfrog Basin Airport BFG
large_airport Boeing Field King County International Airport BFI
medium_airport Buckley Air Force Base BFK
medium_airport Meadows Field BFL
medium_airport Mobile Downtown Airport BFM
medium_airport Beaver County Airport BFP
small_airport Virgil I Grissom Municipal Airport BFR
small_airport Beaufort County Airport BFT
small_airport Hutchinson County Airport BGD
small_airport Decatur County Industrial Air Park BGE
medium_airport Greater Binghamton/Edwin A Link field BGM
small_airport Big Lake Airport BGQ
large_airport Bangor International Airport BGR
small_airport Bagdad Airport BGT
medium_airport Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport BHB
large_airport Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport BHM
small_airport Block Island State Airport BID
small_airport Beatrice Municipal Airport BIE
medium_airport Biggs Army Air Field (Fort Bliss) BIF
medium_airport Allen Army Airfield BIG
medium_airport Eastern Sierra Regional Airport BIH
large_airport Billings Logan International Airport BIL
medium_airport Bismarck Municipal Airport BIS
medium_airport Keesler Air Force Base BIX
medium_airport Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport BJC
medium_airport Bemidji Regional Airport BJI
small_airport Wayne County Airport BJJ
medium_airport Buckland Airport BKC
small_airport Stephens County Airport BKD
medium_airport Baker City Municipal Airport BKE
seaplane_base Lake Brooks Seaplane Base BKF
small_airport Branson Airport BKG
medium_airport Barking Sands Airport BKH
medium_airport Burke Lakefront Airport BKL
small_airport Allen C Perkinson Blackstone Army Air Field BKT
medium_airport Raleigh County Memorial Airport BKW
small_airport Brookings Regional Airport BKX
large_airport Boulder City-Lake Mead International Airport BLD
medium_airport Mercer County Airport BLF
medium_airport Blythe Airport BLH
medium_airport Bellingham International Airport BLI
small_airport Monmouth Executive Airport BLM
small_airport Blue Canyon Nyack Airport BLU
large_airport Scott AFB/Midamerica Airport BLV
small_airport Brigham City Regional Airport BMC
medium_airport Monroe County Airport BMG
large_airport Central Illinois Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normal BMI
small_airport Berlin Regional Airport BML
small_airport Beaumont Municipal Airport BMT
small_airport Big Mountain Airport BMX
large_airport Nashville International Airport BNA
seaplane_base Baranof Warm Springs Float and Seaplane Base BNF
small_airport Banning Municipal Airport BNG
seaplane_base Cape Air Seaplanes on Boston Harbor Seaplane Base BNH
small_airport Barnwell Regional Airport BNL
medium_airport Burns Municipal Airport BNO
small_airport Boone Municipal Airport BNW
heliport Bolling Air Force Base BOF
large_airport Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field BOI
small_airport Brookings Airport BOK
large_airport Logan International Airport BOS
small_airport Bartow Executive Airport BOW
closed Grumman Bethpage Airport BPA
medium_airport Miley Memorial Field BPI
medium_airport Jack Brooks Regional Airport BPT
medium_airport Brunswick Golden Isles Airport BQK
seaplane_base Bartlett Cove Seaplane Base BQV
medium_airport Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport BRD
closed Whitesburg Municipal Airport BRG
medium_airport Southeast Iowa Regional Airport BRL
medium_airport Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport BRO
medium_airport Wiley Post Will Rogers Memorial Airport BRW
small_airport Samuels Field BRY
medium_airport Bradshaw Army Airfield BSF
small_airport Bisbee Municipal Airport BSQ
small_airport Boswell Bay Airport BSW
small_airport Skypark Airport BTF
medium_airport Barter Island Long Range Radar Station Airport BTI
medium_airport Battle Creek Executive Airport at Kellogg Field BTL
medium_airport Bert Mooney Airport BTM
small_airport Marlboro County Jetport H.E. Avent Field BTN
small_airport Pittsburgh/Butler Regional Airport BTP
medium_airport Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport BTR
medium_airport Bettles Airport BTT
medium_airport Burlington International Airport BTV
small_airport Beatty Airport BTY
small_airport Cram Field BUB
large_airport Buffalo Niagara International Airport BUF
small_airport Butler Memorial Airport BUM
medium_airport Bob Hope Airport BUR
small_airport Bartlesville Municipal Airport BVO
small_airport Beluga Airport BVU
small_airport Batesville Regional Airport BVX
medium_airport Beverly Regional Airport BVY
small_airport Brawley Municipal Airport BWC
small_airport Brownwood Regional Airport BWD
medium_airport Bowling Green Warren County Regional Airport BWG
large_airport Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport BWI
small_airport Earl Henry Airport BWL
small_airport Bowman Regional Airport BWM
small_airport George R Carr Memorial Air Field BXA
small_airport Buckeye Municipal Airport BXK
small_airport Borrego Valley Airport BXS
small_airport Boundary Airport BYA
small_airport Johnson County Airport BYG
medium_airport Arkansas International Airport BYH
medium_airport Burley Municipal Airport BYI
medium_airport Bicycle Lake Army Air Field BYS
small_airport Blakely Island Airport BYW
small_airport Benton Field BZF
medium_airport Gallatin Field BZN
closed Buzzards Point Seaplane Base BZS
small_airport Eagle Air Park BZT
small_airport Wexford County Airport CAD
large_airport Columbia Metropolitan Airport CAE
medium_airport Akron Canton Regional Airport CAK
small_airport Clayton Municipal Airpark CAO
medium_airport Caribou Municipal Airport CAR
small_airport Greater Cumberland Regional Airport CBE
small_airport Council Bluffs Municipal Airport CBF
small_airport Shalz Field CBK
large_airport Columbus Air Force Base CBM
small_airport Cable Airport CCB
heliport Century City Heliport CCD
small_airport Crane County Airport CCG
small_airport Buchanan Field CCR
medium_airport Northeast Iowa Regional Airport CCY
medium_airport Cold Bay Airport CDB
medium_airport Cedar City Regional Airport CDC
small_airport Harrell Field CDH
small_airport Candle 2 Airport CDL
small_airport Woodward Field CDN
medium_airport Chadron Municipal Airport CDR
medium_airport Childress Municipal Airport CDS
medium_airport Merle K (Mudhole) Smith Airport CDV
small_airport Essex County Airport CDW
small_airport Cessna Aircraft Field CEA
medium_airport Jack Mc Namara Field Airport CEC
medium_airport Westover ARB/Metropolitan Airport CEF
small_airport Central Airport CEM
small_airport Oconee County Regional Airport CEU
small_airport Mettel Field CEV
medium_airport Bob Sikes Airport CEW
small_airport Chena Hot Springs Airport CEX
small_airport Kyle Oakley Field CEY
small_airport Cortez Municipal Airport CEZ
small_airport Coulter Field CFD
small_airport Greenlee County Airport CFT
small_airport Coffeyville Municipal Airport CFV
seaplane_base Craig Seaplane Base CGA
small_airport Cambridge Dorchester Airport CGE
medium_airport Cuyahoga County Airport CGF
medium_airport Cape Girardeau Regional Airport CGI
small_airport College Park Airport CGS
closed Chicago Meigs Airport CGX
small_airport Casa Grande Municipal Airport CGZ
large_airport Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (Lovell Field) CHA
small_airport Chickasha Municipal Airport CHK
small_airport Challis Airport CHL
medium_airport Charlottesville Albemarle Airport CHO
small_airport Circle Hot Springs Airport CHP
large_airport Charleston International Airport CHS
small_airport Chuathbaluk Airport CHU
small_airport Chiloquin State Airport CHZ
small_airport Chico Municipal Airport CIC
large_airport The Eastern Iowa Airport CID
small_airport Craig Moffat Airport CIG
small_airport Chalkyitsik Airport CIK
small_airport Council Airport CIL
small_airport Arthur N Neu Airport CIN
small_airport Cairo Regional Airport CIR
medium_airport Chippewa County International Airport CIU
seaplane_base Chomley Seaplane Base CIV
small_airport Kegelman AF Aux Field CKA
medium_airport North Central West Virginia Airport CKB
small_airport Crooked Creek Airport CKD
small_airport Lampson Field CKE
small_airport Sharp County Regional Airport CKK
small_airport Fletcher Field CKM
small_airport Crookston Municipal Kirkwood Field CKN
small_airport Crane Island Airstrip CKR
small_airport Cordova Municipal Airport CKU
small_airport Clarksville–Montgomery County Regional Airport CKV
small_airport Chicken Airport CKX
closed Clear Lake Metroport CLC
medium_airport Mc Clellan-Palomar Airport CLD
large_airport Cleveland Hopkins International Airport CLE
closed Coalinga Airport (1936) CLG
small_airport New Coalinga Municipal Airport CLG
small_airport Clintonville Municipal Airport CLI
small_airport Clinton Regional Airport CLK
medium_airport Easterwood Field CLL
medium_airport William R Fairchild International Airport CLM
small_airport Clarks Point Airport CLP
small_airport Cliff Hatfield Memorial Airport CLR
small_airport Chehalis Centralia Airport CLS
large_airport Charlotte Douglas International Airport CLT
medium_airport Columbus Municipal Airport CLU
small_airport Clearwater Air Park CLW
large_airport John Glenn Columbus International Airport CMH
medium_airport University of Illinois Willard Airport CMI
medium_airport Houghton County Memorial Airport CMX
small_airport Sparta Fort Mc Coy Airport CMY
small_airport Fremont County Airport CNE
small_airport Claremont Municipal Airport CNH
small_airport Blosser Municipal Airport CNK
medium_airport Cavern City Air Terminal CNM
small_airport Chino Airport CNO
medium_airport Chanute Martin Johnson Airport CNU
small_airport TSTC Waco Airport CNW
small_airport Canyonlands Field CNY
small_airport Columbia Airport COA
medium_airport Yellowstone Regional Airport COD
medium_airport Coeur D'Alene - Pappy Boyington Field COE
medium_airport Patrick Air Force Base COF
small_airport Merritt Island Airport COI
small_airport Coleman Municipal Airport COM
medium_airport Concord Municipal Airport CON
small_airport Cooperstown-Westville Airport COP
large_airport City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport COS
small_airport Cotulla-La Salle County Airport COT
medium_airport Columbia Regional Airport COU
small_airport Compton Woodley Airport CPM
medium_airport Casper-Natrona County International Airport CPR
small_airport St Louis Downtown Airport CPS
medium_airport Grand Strand Airport CRE
medium_airport Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport CRG
small_airport Corcoran Airport CRO
large_airport Corpus Christi International Airport CRP
small_airport C David Campbell Field Corsicana Municipal Airport CRS
small_airport Z M Jack Stell Field CRT
large_airport Yeager Airport CRW
small_airport Roscoe Turner Airport CRX
small_airport Crested Butte Airpark CSE
medium_airport Columbus Metropolitan Airport CSG
small_airport Clinton Sherman Airport CSM
small_airport Carson Airport CSN
small_airport Creston Municipal Airport CSQ
medium_airport Crossville Memorial Whitson Field CSV
medium_airport Cut Bank International Airport CTB
small_airport Chester County G O Carlson Airport CTH
small_airport Canton Municipal Airport CTK
small_airport Calverton Executive Airpark CTO
small_airport Cortland County Chase Field CTX
small_airport Cross City Airport CTY
small_airport Sampson County Airport CTZ
medium_airport Jim Hamilton L.B. Owens Airport CUB
small_airport Cushing Municipal Airport CUH
large_airport Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport CVG
small_airport Clovis Municipal Airport CVN
medium_airport Corvallis Municipal Airport CVO
closed Hughes Airport CVR
large_airport Cannon Air Force Base CVS
medium_airport Central Wisconsin Airport CWA
small_airport Chennault International Airport CWF
small_airport Clinton Municipal Airport CWI
small_airport Center Island Airport CWS
small_airport Cochise County Airport CWX
small_airport Chitina Airport CXC
small_airport Coldfoot Airport CXF
small_airport Calexico International Airport CXL
medium_airport Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport CXO
small_airport Chefornak Airport CYF
seaplane_base Chatham Seaplane Base CYM
medium_airport Cheyenne Regional Jerry Olson Field CYS
small_airport Yakataga Airport CYT
small_airport Copper Center 2 Airport CZC
medium_airport Cape Romanzof LRRS Airport CZF
small_airport Cascade Locks State Airport CZK
small_airport Chisana Airport CZN
small_airport Chistochina Airport CZO
seaplane_base Cape Pole Seaplane Base CZP
small_airport Dimmit County Airport CZT
medium_airport Davison Army Air Field DAA
large_airport Daytona Beach International Airport DAB
medium_airport Barstow Daggett Airport DAG
large_airport Dallas Love Field DAL
medium_airport Danville Regional Airport DAN
large_airport James M Cox Dayton International Airport DAY
small_airport W H 'Bud' Barron Airport DBN
large_airport Dubuque Regional Airport DBQ
small_airport Dubois Municipal Airport DBS
large_airport Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport DCA
small_airport Dahl Creek Airport DCK
closed Decatur HI-Way Airfield DCR
small_airport Pryor Field Regional Airport DCU
medium_airport Dodge City Regional Airport DDC
medium_airport Decatur Airport DEC
small_airport Decorah Municipal Airport DEH
large_airport Denver International Airport DEN
medium_airport Coleman A. Young Municipal Airport DET
small_airport Defiance Memorial Airport DFI
large_airport Dallas Fort Worth International Airport DFW
small_airport Douglas Municipal Airport DGL
small_airport Dahlgren Naval Surface Warfare Center Airport DGN
small_airport Converse County Airport DGW
seaplane_base Deer Harbor SPB DHB
medium_airport Dothan Regional Airport DHN
medium_airport Dalhart Municipal Airport DHT
medium_airport Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport DIK
small_airport Delta Junction Airport DJN
small_airport Chautauqua County-Dunkirk Airport DKK
large_airport Laughlin Air Force Base DLF
medium_airport Dillingham Airport DLG
large_airport Duluth International Airport DLH
small_airport Dillon County Airport DLL
small_airport Dillon Airport DLN
medium_airport Columbia Gorge Regional Airport DLS
medium_airport Davis Monthan Air Force Base DMA
medium_airport Deming Municipal Airport DMN
small_airport Sedalia Memorial Airport DMO
medium_airport Daniel Field DNL
small_airport Dalton Municipal Airport DNN
small_airport Denison Municipal Airport DNS
small_airport Vermilion Regional Airport DNV
large_airport Dover Air Force Base DOV
medium_airport Dupage Airport DPA
small_airport Michael AAF (Dugway Proving Ground) Airport DPG
closed Deer Park Airport DPK
small_airport Alpine Airstrip DQH
medium_airport Desert Rock Airport DRA
small_airport Drummond Island Airport DRE
small_airport Drift River Airport DRF
medium_airport Deering Airport DRG
medium_airport Beauregard Regional Airport DRI
small_airport Durango La Plata County Airport DRO
medium_airport Del Rio International Airport DRT
small_airport Drummond Airport DRU
small_airport Destin Executive Airport DSI
large_airport Des Moines International Airport DSM
small_airport Dansville Municipal Airport DSV
small_airport Delta Municipal Airport DTA
small_airport Furnace Creek Airport DTH
small_airport Detroit Lakes Airport - Wething Field DTL
small_airport Shreveport Downtown Airport DTN
small_airport Decatur Shores Airport DTR
large_airport Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport DTW
small_airport Eaker Field DUA
small_airport Halliburton Field DUC
small_airport Pine Island Airport DUF
medium_airport Bisbee Douglas International Airport DUG
medium_airport DuBois Regional Airport DUJ
medium_airport Tom Madsen (Dutch Harbor) Airport DUT
small_airport Devils Lake Regional Airport DVL
small_airport Davenport Municipal Airport DVN
small_airport Phoenix Deer Valley Airport DVT
closed Wright Field DWF
small_airport David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport DWH
closed Downtown Airpark DWN
closed Walt Disney World Airport / Lake Buena Vista STOLport DWS
small_airport Bruce Campbell Field DXE
small_airport Danbury Municipal Airport DXR
small_airport Doylestown Airport DYL
large_airport Dyess Air Force Base DYS
small_airport Eagle Airport EAA
small_airport Phifer Airfield EAN
small_airport Kearney Regional Airport EAR
medium_airport Pangborn Memorial Airport EAT
medium_airport Chippewa Valley Regional Airport EAU
small_airport Webster City Municipal Airport EBS
small_airport Iosco County Airport ECA
medium_airport Elizabeth City Regional Airport & Coast Guard Air Station ECG
medium_airport Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport ECP
small_airport Mondell Field ECS
seaplane_base Edna Bay Seaplane Base EDA
small_airport Northeastern Regional Airport EDE
medium_airport Elmendorf Air Force Base EDF
small_airport Captain Jack Thomas El Dorado Airport EDK
large_airport Edwards Air Force Base EDW
medium_airport Needles Airport EED
small_airport Eek Airport EEK
medium_airport Dillant Hopkins Airport EEN
medium_airport Ellington Airport EFD
small_airport Northeast Kingdom International Airport EFK
small_airport Jefferson Municipal Airport EFW
medium_airport Eagle County Regional Airport EGE
medium_airport Duke Field EGI
small_airport Maverick County Memorial International Airport EGP
small_airport Eagle River Union Airport EGV
medium_airport Egegik Airport EGX
medium_airport Cape Newenham LRRS Airport EHM
heliport Rentschler Heliport EHT
medium_airport Eielson Air Force Base EIL
medium_airport Murray Field EKA
small_airport Elkhart Municipal Airport EKI
medium_airport Elkins-Randolph Co-Jennings Randolph Field EKN
medium_airport Elko Regional Airport EKO
small_airport Addington Field / Elizabethtown Regional Airport EKX
small_airport Eagle Lake Airport ELA
medium_airport South Arkansas Regional At Goodwin Field ELD
small_airport Elim Airport ELI
small_airport Elk City Regional Business Airport ELK
medium_airport Elmira Corning Regional Airport ELM
small_airport Bowers Field ELN
medium_airport El Paso International Airport ELP
seaplane_base Elfin Cove Seaplane Base ELV
seaplane_base Ellamar Seaplane Base ELW
medium_airport Ely Airport Yelland Field ELY
small_airport Wellsville Municipal Arpt,Tarantine Field ELZ
medium_airport Emmonak Airport EMK
small_airport Kemmerer Municipal Airport EMM
small_airport Emporia Municipal Airport EMP
small_airport San Gabriel Valley Airport EMT
medium_airport Kenai Municipal Airport ENA
large_airport Vance Air Force Base END
small_airport Centralia Municipal Airport ENL
medium_airport Nenana Municipal Airport ENN
medium_airport Wendover Airport ENV
medium_airport Kenosha Regional Airport ENW
small_airport Keokuk Municipal Airport EOK
small_airport Browns Airport EPG
small_airport Ephrata Municipal Airport EPH
large_airport Erie International Tom Ridge Field ERI
small_airport Errol Airport ERR
small_airport Kerrville Municipal Louis Schreiner Field ERV
small_airport Delta County Airport ESC
small_airport Orcas Island Airport ESD
medium_airport Esler Regional Airport ESF
small_airport Easton Airport / Newnam Field ESN
small_airport Ohkay Owingeh Airport ESO
closed Birchwood-Pocono Airport ESP
small_airport Stroudsburg Pocono Airport ESP
small_airport Estherville Municipal Airport EST
small_airport Easton State Airport ESW
small_airport West Bend Municipal Airport ETB
small_airport Eastland Municipal Airport ETN
small_airport Enterprise Municipal Airport ETS
small_airport Eureka Airport EUE
small_airport Weedon Field EUF
medium_airport Mahlon Sweet Field EUG
closed Ben Bruce Memorial Airpark EVA
small_airport Eveleth Virginia Municipal Airport EVM
medium_airport Evansville Regional Airport EVV
medium_airport Evanston-Uinta County Airport-Burns Field EVW
medium_airport New Bedford Regional Airport EWB
small_airport Newton City-County Airport EWK
medium_airport Coastal Carolina Regional Airport EWN
large_airport Newark Liberty International Airport EWR
seaplane_base Excursion Inlet Seaplane Base EXI
small_airport Yerington Municipal Airport EYR
large_airport Key West International Airport EYW
medium_airport Felker Army Air Field FAF
large_airport Fairbanks International Airport FAI
seaplane_base False Island Seaplane Base FAK
closed Falcon State Airport FAL
small_airport Farmington Regional Airport FAM
medium_airport Hector International Airport FAR
large_airport Fresno Yosemite International Airport FAT
medium_airport Fayetteville Regional Airport - Grannis Field FAY
medium_airport Simmons Army Air Field FBG
medium_airport Ladd AAF Airfield FBK
small_airport Faribault Municipal Airport-Liz Wall Strohfus Field FBL
small_airport Fort Bridger Airport FBR
seaplane_base Friday Harbor Seaplane Base FBS
small_airport Fairbury Municipal Airport FBY
medium_airport Glacier Park International Airport FCA
small_airport Fresno Chandler Executive Airport FCH
small_airport Flying Cloud Airport FCM
medium_airport Butts AAF (Fort Carson) Air Field FCS
small_airport Forrest City Municipal Airport FCY
small_airport Frederick Municipal Airport FDK
small_airport Frederick Regional Airport FDR
medium_airport Findlay Airport FDY
small_airport Albertus Airport FEP
small_airport Fremont Municipal Airport FET
small_airport First Flight Airport FFA
small_airport Fairfield Municipal Airport FFL
small_airport Fergus Falls Municipal Airport - Einar Mickelson Field FFM
large_airport Wright-Patterson Air Force Base FFO
small_airport Capital City Airport FFT
medium_airport Sierra Vista Municipal Airport / Libby Army Air Field FHU
small_airport Elizabeth Field FID
small_airport Fillmore Municipal Airport FIL
medium_airport Venango Regional Airport FKL
small_airport Franklin Regional Airport FKN
small_airport Fond du Lac County Airport FLD
closed Fort Lee Army Airfield FLE
large_airport Flagstaff Pulliam International Airport FLG
large_airport Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport FLL
medium_airport Florence Regional Airport FLO
small_airport Marion County Regional Airport FLP
small_airport Flat Airport FLT
closed Flushing Airport FLU
small_airport Sherman Army Air Field FLV
small_airport Fallon Municipal Airport FLX
medium_airport Tipton Airport FME
small_airport Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station FMH
medium_airport Four Corners Regional Airport FMN
small_airport Fort Madison Municipal Airport FMS
small_airport Florence Municipal Airport FMU
medium_airport Page Field FMY
small_airport Northern Colorado Regional Airport FNL
seaplane_base Funter Bay Seaplane Base FNR
medium_airport Bishop International Airport FNT
small_airport Fort Bragg Airport FOB
medium_airport Fort Dodge Regional Airport FOD
medium_airport Topeka Regional Airport FOE
small_airport Francis S Gabreski Airport FOK
medium_airport St Lucie County International Airport FPR
small_airport Perry-Foley Airport FPY
small_airport Friday Harbor Airport FRD
medium_airport Republic Airport FRG
small_airport French Lick Municipal Airport FRH
medium_airport Marshall Army Air Field FRI
small_airport Fairmont Municipal Airport FRM
heliport Bryant Army Heliport FRN
small_airport Front Royal Warren County Airport FRR
small_airport Eastern Slopes Regional Airport FRY
medium_airport Sioux Falls Regional Airport / Joe Foss Field FSD
medium_airport Henry Post Army Air Field (Fort Sill) FSI
small_airport Fort Scott Municipal Airport FSK
large_airport Fort Smith Regional Airport FSM
closed Haley Army Airfield FSN
medium_airport Fort Stockton Pecos County Airport FST
small_airport Fort Sumner Municipal Airport FSU
medium_airport Godman Army Air Field FTK
large_airport Fort Worth Meacham International Airport FTW
medium_airport Fulton County Airport Brown Field FTY
small_airport Fullerton Municipal Airport FUL
large_airport Fort Wayne International Airport FWA
medium_airport NAS Fort Worth JRB / Carswell Field FWH
small_airport Farewell Airport FWL
medium_airport Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport FXE
small_airport Forest City Municipal Airport FXY
small_airport Fayetteville Municipal Airport FYM
medium_airport Fort Yukon Airport FYU
medium_airport Drake Field FYV
small_airport Gabbs Airport GAB
small_airport Northeast Alabama Regional Airport GAD
small_airport Gage Airport GAG
small_airport Montgomery County Airpark GAI
medium_airport Edward G. Pitka Sr Airport GAL
medium_airport Gambell Airport GAM
small_airport Great Bend Municipal Airport GBD
small_airport Galesburg Municipal Airport GBG
small_airport Galbraith Lake Airport GBH
small_airport Walter J. Koladza Airport GBR
medium_airport Gillette Campbell County Airport GCC
small_airport Grand Coulee Dam Airport GCD
medium_airport Garden City Regional Airport GCK
medium_airport Grand Canyon National Park Airport GCN
small_airport Grand Canyon Bar Ten Airstrip GCT
small_airport Grand Canyon West Airport GCW
small_airport Greeneville Municipal Airport GCY
small_airport Donaldson Field Airport GDC
seaplane_base Golden Horn Lodge Seaplane Base GDH
small_airport Gardner Municipal Airport GDM
medium_airport Dawson Community Airport GDV
small_airport Gladwin Zettel Memorial Airport GDW
small_airport Sussex County Airport GED
large_airport Spokane International Airport GEG
small_airport South Big Horn County Airport GEY
heliport Malmstrom Air Force Base GFA
small_airport Pope Field GFD
medium_airport Grand Forks International Airport GFK
medium_airport Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport GFL
small_airport Georgetown County Airport GGE
medium_airport East Texas Regional Airport GGG
medium_airport Wokal Field/Glasgow-Valley County Airport GGW
small_airport Centerville Municipal Airport GHM
small_airport Winter Haven Regional Airport - Gilbert Field GIF
medium_airport Grand Junction Regional Airport GJT
medium_airport Gulkana Airport GKN
small_airport Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge Airport GKT
small_airport San Carlos Apache Airport GLB
medium_airport Renner Field-Goodland Municipal Airport GLD
small_airport Gainesville Municipal Airport GLE
medium_airport Mid Delta Regional Airport GLH
small_airport Gaylord Regional Airport GLR
medium_airport Scholes International At Galveston Airport GLS
small_airport Golovin Airport GLV
small_airport Glasgow Municipal Airport GLW
small_airport Granite Mountain Air Station GMT
medium_airport Greenville Downtown Airport GMU
small_airport Monument Valley Airport GMV
small_airport Gansner Field GNF
small_airport Gooding Municipal Airport GNG
small_airport Grants-Milan Municipal Airport GNT
small_airport Goodnews Airport GNU
medium_airport Gainesville Regional Airport GNV
small_airport Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport GOK
small_airport Gold Beach Municipal Airport GOL
medium_airport Groton New London Airport GON
large_airport Gulfport Biloxi International Airport GPT
small_airport Grand Rapids Itasca Co-Gordon Newstrom field GPZ
small_airport Galion Municipal Airport GQQ
large_airport Austin Straubel International Airport GRB
small_airport Greenwood County Airport GRD
small_airport Greenville Airport GRE
medium_airport Gray Army Air Field GRF
medium_airport Central Nebraska Regional Airport GRI
medium_airport Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport / Robert Gray Army Air Field GRK
small_airport Grand Marais Cook County Airport GRM
small_airport Gordon Municipal Airport GRN
medium_airport Gerald R. Ford International Airport GRR
large_airport Seymour Johnson Air Force Base GSB
small_airport Goshen Municipal Airport GSH
large_airport Piedmont Triad International Airport GSO
large_airport Greenville Spartanburg International Airport GSP
medium_airport Gustavus Airport GST
closed Greater Southwest International Airport-Amon Carter Field GSW
medium_airport Great Falls International Airport GTF
small_airport Grantsburg Municipal Airport GTG
small_airport Grants Pass Airport GTP
medium_airport Golden Triangle Regional Airport GTR
small_airport Gettysburg Regional Airport GTY
small_airport Gunnison Crested Butte Regional Airport GUC
small_airport Jack Edwards Airport GUF
medium_airport Gallup Municipal Airport GUP
large_airport Grissom Air Reserve Base GUS
medium_airport Guymon Municipal Airport GUY
small_airport Gordonsville Municipal Airport GVE
small_airport Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport GVL
small_airport Majors Airport GVT
closed Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base GVW
medium_airport Greenwood–Leflore Airport GWO
small_airport Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport GWS
small_airport Glendale Fokker Field GWV
small_airport Greeley–Weld County Airport GXY
small_airport Phoenix Goodyear Airport GYR
medium_airport Gary Chicago International Airport GYY
small_airport Marion County Rankin Fite Airport HAB
heliport Lava Falls Heliport HAE
small_airport Half Moon Bay Airport HAF
small_airport Three Rivers Municipal Dr Haines Airport HAI
small_airport Butler Co Regional Airport - Hogan Field HAO
small_airport Capital City Airport HAR
closed Hatbox Field HAX
small_airport Haycock Airport HAY
small_airport Industrial Airpark HBB
medium_airport Hattiesburg Bobby L Chain Municipal Airport HBG
seaplane_base Entrance Island Seaplane Base HBH
small_airport Holbrook Municipal Airport HBK
medium_airport Hobart Regional Airport HBR
small_airport Big Spring Mc Mahon-Wrinkle Airport HCA
closed Howard County Municipal Airport HCA
small_airport Columbia County Airport HCC
medium_airport Holy Cross Airport HCR
small_airport Cheraw Municipal Airport/Lynch Bellinger Field HCW
small_airport Brewster Field HDE
medium_airport Dillingham Airfield HDH
small_airport Yampa Valley Airport HDN
small_airport Herendeen Bay Airport HED
small_airport Thompson-Robbins Airport HEE
small_airport Hermiston Municipal Airport HES
heliport Hanchey Army (Fort Rucker) Heliport HEY
small_airport Hardy-Anders Field / Natchez-Adams County Airport HEZ
medium_airport Hartford Brainard Airport HFD
small_airport Mackall Army Air Field HFF
medium_airport Hagerstown Regional Richard A Henson Field HGR
heliport Tusi (Hunter Liggett) Army Heliport HGT
small_airport Hog River Airport HGZ
small_airport Hilton Head Airport HHH
medium_airport Wheeler Army Airfield HHI
medium_airport Jack Northrop Field Hawthorne Municipal Airport HHR
large_airport Range Regional Airport HIB
small_airport Mount Washington Regional Airport HIE
medium_airport Hill Air Force Base HIF
large_airport Lake Havasu City International Airport HII
small_airport Hickam Air Force Base HIK
medium_airport Portland Hillsboro Airport HIO
small_airport Blytheville Municipal Airport HKA
small_airport Healy Lake Airport HKB
closed Kaanapali Airport HKP
small_airport Hawkins Field HKS
medium_airport Hickory Regional Airport HKY
small_airport Hillenbrand Industries Airport HLB
small_airport Hill City Municipal Airport HLC
medium_airport Wheeling Ohio County Airport HLG
small_airport Hollister Municipal Airport HLI
small_airport Park Township Airport HLM
medium_airport Helena Regional Airport HLN
medium_airport Hood Army Air Field HLR
large_airport Holloman Air Force Base HMN
small_airport Hemet Ryan Airport HMT
small_airport Huntingburg Airport HNB
small_airport Billy Mitchell Airport HNC
small_airport Hoonah Airport HNH
large_airport Daniel K Inouye International Airport HNL
medium_airport Hana Airport HNM
medium_airport Haines Airport HNS
medium_airport Lea County Regional Airport HOB
medium_airport Homer Airport HOM
medium_airport Huron Regional Airport HON
medium_airport Campbell AAF (Fort Campbell) Air Field HOP
medium_airport Memorial Field HOT
large_airport William P Hobby Airport HOU
medium_airport Hooper Bay Airport HPB
medium_airport Westchester County Airport HPN
small_airport Hampton Municipal Airport HPT
small_airport Princeville Airport HPV
small_airport Baytown Airport HPY
medium_airport Bowerman Airport HQM
medium_airport Valley International Airport HRL
medium_airport Boone County Airport HRO
small_airport Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport HSB
small_airport Henderson Executive Airport HSH
small_airport Hastings Municipal Airport HSI
medium_airport Huslia Airport HSL
small_airport Ingalls Field HSP
medium_airport Homestead ARB Airport HST
large_airport Huntsville International Carl T Jones Field HSV
small_airport Hawthorne Industrial Airport HTH
small_airport Roscommon County - Blodgett Memorial Airport HTL
small_airport East Hampton Airport HTO
large_airport Tri-State/Milton J. Ferguson Field HTS
medium_airport Huntsville Regional Airport HTV
small_airport Lawrence County Airpark HTW
medium_airport Redstone Army Air Field HUA
small_airport Humboldt Municipal Airport HUD
medium_airport Terre Haute Regional Airport, Hulman Field HUF
small_airport Stan Stamper Municipal Airport HUJ
medium_airport Houlton International Airport HUL
small_airport Houma Terrebonne Airport HUM
small_airport Hughes Airport HUS
medium_airport Hutchinson Municipal Airport HUT
small_airport Hanksville Airport HVE
medium_airport Tweed New Haven Airport HVN
medium_airport Havre City County Airport HVR
small_airport Hartsville Regional Airport HVS
small_airport Hayward Executive Airport HWD
small_airport North Perry Airport HWO
medium_airport Barnstable Municipal Boardman Polando Field HYA
seaplane_base Hydaburg Seaplane Base HYG
seaplane_base Hollis Clark Bay Seaplane Base HYL
medium_airport Sawyer County Airport HYR
medium_airport Hays Regional Airport HYS
small_airport Hazleton Municipal Airport HZL
medium_airport Mc Connell Air Force Base IAB
large_airport Washington Dulles International Airport IAD
medium_airport Niagara Falls International Airport IAG
large_airport George Bush Intercontinental Houston Airport IAH
medium_airport Bob Baker Memorial Airport IAN
small_airport Schenck Field ICL
small_airport Cascade Airport ICS
large_airport Wichita Eisenhower National Airport ICT
small_airport Icy Bay Airport ICY
medium_airport Idaho Falls Regional Airport IDA
small_airport Idaho County Airport IDH
small_airport Indiana County/Jimmy Stewart Fld/ Airport IDI
small_airport Independence Municipal Airport IDP
small_airport Iowa Falls Municipal Airport IFA
small_airport Laughlin Bullhead International Airport IFP
small_airport Igiugig Airport IGG
small_airport Kingman Airport IGM
small_airport Wilkes County Airport IKB
medium_airport Greater Kankakee Airport IKK
small_airport Nikolski Air Station IKO
small_airport Skylark Field ILE
medium_airport New Castle Airport ILG
medium_airport Iliamna Airport ILI
small_airport Willmar Municipal -John L Rice Field ILL
medium_airport Wilmington International Airport ILM
medium_airport Wilmington Airpark ILN
small_airport Imperial Municipal Airport IML
small_airport Immokalee Regional Airport IMM
small_airport Ford Airport IMT
large_airport Indianapolis International Airport IND
medium_airport Winkler County Airport INK
medium_airport Falls International Airport INL
small_airport Creech Air Force Base INS
medium_airport Smith Reynolds Airport INT
medium_airport Winslow Lindbergh Regional Airport INW
small_airport Iowa City Municipal Airport IOW
medium_airport Imperial County Airport IPL
medium_airport Williamsport Regional Airport IPT
small_airport Iraan Municipal Airport IRB
small_airport Circle City /New/ Airport IRC
medium_airport Kirksville Regional Airport IRK
small_airport Kirsch Municipal Airport IRS
medium_airport Kissimmee Gateway Airport ISM
closed Sloulin Field International Airport ISN
medium_airport Kinston Regional Jetport At Stallings Field ISO
medium_airport Long Island Mac Arthur Airport ISP
small_airport Schoolcraft County Airport ISQ
small_airport Wiscasset Airport ISS
small_airport Alexander Field South Wood County Airport ISW
medium_airport Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport ITH
medium_airport Hilo International Airport ITO
small_airport Canandaigua Airport IUA
closed Ivishak Airport IVH
small_airport Gogebic Iron County Airport IWD
small_airport West Houston Airport IWS
small_airport Inyokern Airport IYK
medium_airport Jackson Hole Airport JAC
large_airport Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport JAN
small_airport Jasper County Airport-Bell Field JAS
large_airport Jacksonville International Airport JAX
closed Berkeley Municipal Heliport JBK
medium_airport Jonesboro Municipal Airport JBR
seaplane_base Bethel Seaplane Base JBT
small_airport New Century Aircenter Airport JCI
medium_airport Kimble County Airport JCT
small_airport LBJ Ranch Airport JCY
small_airport Grant Co Regional/Ogilvie Field JDA
small_airport Jordan Airport JDN
small_airport Jefferson City Memorial Airport JEF
large_airport John F Kennedy International Airport JFK
small_airport Northeast Ohio Regional Airport JFN
medium_airport Kapalua Airport JHM
medium_airport Chautauqua County-Jamestown Airport JHW
small_airport Cherokee County Airport JKV
small_airport Quartz Creek Airport JLA
large_airport Joplin Regional Airport JLN
medium_airport Jamestown Regional Airport JMS
medium_airport Juneau International Airport JNU
small_airport Joliet Regional Airport JOT
heliport Pentagon Army Heliport JPN
heliport West 30th St. Heliport JRA
heliport Downtown-Manhattan/Wall St Heliport JRB
medium_airport Kalaeloa Airport JRF
medium_airport John Murtha Johnstown Cambria County Airport JST
small_airport Central Jersey Regional Airport JVI
small_airport Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport JVL
medium_airport Jackson County Reynolds Field JXN
seaplane_base Kake Seaplane Base KAE
small_airport Kaltag Airport KAL
small_airport Birch Creek Airport KBC
seaplane_base Bell Island Hot Springs Seaplane Base KBE
seaplane_base Chignik Bay Seaplane Base KBW
seaplane_base Coffman Cove Seaplane Base KCC
closed Chignik Fisheries Airport KCG
small_airport Chignik Lagoon Airport KCL
seaplane_base Chernofski Harbor Seaplane Base KCN
small_airport Chignik Lake Airport KCQ
small_airport Colorado Creek Airport KCR
small_airport Kodiak Municipal Airport KDK
small_airport Nanwalek Airport KEB
seaplane_base Kenmore Air Harbor Inc Seaplane Base KEH
small_airport Ekwok Airport KEK
small_airport False Pass Airport KFP
small_airport Koliganek Airport KGK
small_airport Grayling Airport KGX
small_airport Glacier Creek Airport KGZ
seaplane_base Ivanof Bay Seaplane Base KIB
small_airport Mesa Del Rey Airport KIC
small_airport Kickapoo Downtown Airport KIP
small_airport Koyuk Alfred Adams Airport KKA
seaplane_base Kitoi Bay Seaplane Base KKB
small_airport Kongiganak Airport KKH
small_airport Akiachak Airport KKI
small_airport Kalakaket Creek AS Airport KKK
seaplane_base Karluk Lake Seaplane Base KKL
small_airport Kentland Municipal Airport KKT
small_airport Ekuk Airport KKU
small_airport Kalskag Airport KLG
small_airport Levelock Airport KLL
small_airport Larsen Bay Airport KLN
medium_airport Southwest Washington Regional Airport KLS
medium_airport Klawock Airport KLW
small_airport Manokotak Airport KMO
seaplane_base Moser Bay Seaplane Base KMY
small_airport Kokhanok Airport KNK
small_airport Kennett Memorial Airport KNT
small_airport New Stuyahok Airport KNW
medium_airport Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keahole KOA
small_airport Kotlik Airport KOT
seaplane_base Olga Bay Seaplane Base KOY
small_airport Ouzinkie Airport KOZ
seaplane_base Point Baker Seaplane Base KPB
medium_airport Port Clarence Coast Guard Station KPC
small_airport Kipnuk Airport KPN
seaplane_base Port Williams Seaplane Base KPR
small_airport Jackpot Airport/Hayden Field KPT
small_airport Perryville Airport KPV
seaplane_base Port Bailey Seaplane Base KPY
seaplane_base Akutan Seaplane Base KQA
small_airport Akutan Airport KQA
medium_airport St Mary's Airport KSM
seaplane_base Thorne Bay Seaplane Base KTB
seaplane_base Tikchik Lodge Seaplane Base KTH
medium_airport Ketchikan International Airport KTN
small_airport Brevig Mission Airport KTS
small_airport Kasigluk Airport KUK
small_airport King Cove Airport KVC
medium_airport Kivalina Airport KVL
seaplane_base Waterfall Seaplane Base KWF
small_airport Kwigillingok Airport KWK
small_airport Quinhagak Airport KWN
seaplane_base West Point Village Seaplane Base KWP
small_airport Kwethluk Airport KWT
seaplane_base Kasaan Seaplane Base KXA
small_airport Karluk Airport KYK
closed Port Largo Airport KYL
small_airport Tampa North Aero Park Airport KYO
small_airport Koyukuk Airport KYU
seaplane_base Zachar Bay Seaplane Base KZB
small_airport Southeast Colorado Regional Airport LAA
medium_airport Purdue University Airport LAF
medium_airport Lakeland Linder International Airport LAL
small_airport Los Alamos Airport LAM
medium_airport Capital City Airport LAN
medium_airport Laramie Regional Airport LAR
large_airport McCarran International Airport LAS
medium_airport Lawton Fort Sill Regional Airport LAW
large_airport Los Angeles International Airport LAX
large_airport Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport LBB
medium_airport Arnold Palmer Regional Airport LBE
medium_airport North Platte Regional Airport Lee Bird Field LBF
medium_airport Liberal Mid-America Regional Airport LBL
medium_airport Lumberton Regional Airport LBT
medium_airport Lake Charles Regional Airport LCH
small_airport Laconia Municipal Airport LCI
large_airport Rickenbacker International Airport LCK
small_airport Lake City Gateway Airport LCQ
small_airport Linden Airport LDJ
small_airport Mason County Airport LDM
medium_airport Lebanon Municipal Airport LEB
medium_airport Leesburg International Airport LEE
small_airport Lemmon Municipal Airport LEM
small_airport Auburn Lewiston Municipal Airport LEW
large_airport Blue Grass Airport LEX
large_airport Langley Air Force Base LFI
medium_airport Angelina County Airport LFK
small_airport Triangle North Executive Airport LFN
large_airport Lafayette Regional Airport LFT
large_airport La Guardia Airport LGA
medium_airport Long Beach Airport (Daugherty Field) LGB
small_airport LaGrange Callaway Airport LGC
small_airport La Grande/Union County Airport LGD
small_airport Laguna Army Airfield LGF
medium_airport Logan-Cache Airport LGU
closed Arlington Municipal Airport LHC
large_airport Lake Havasu City International Airport LHS
closed Havasu Airpark LHU
small_airport William T. Piper Memorial Airport LHV
small_airport Limon Municipal Airport LIC
medium_airport Lihue Airport LIH
large_airport Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field LIT
small_airport Livengood Camp Airport LIV
small_airport Wright AAF (Fort Stewart)/Midcoast Regional Airport LIY
small_airport Loring International Airport LIZ
medium_airport Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport LJN
closed Lake Jackson Dow Airport LJN
seaplane_base Kenmore Air Harbor Seaplane Base LKE
small_airport Kulik Lake Airport LKK
small_airport Lake Placid Airport LKP
small_airport Lake County Airport LKV
small_airport Caledonia County Airport LLX
small_airport South Jersey Regional Airport LLY
small_airport Minchumina Airport LMA
small_airport Louisville Winston County Airport LMS
medium_airport Crater Lake-Klamath Regional Airport LMT
small_airport Palm Beach County Park Airport LNA
medium_airport Hunt Field LND
small_airport Point Lonely Short Range Radar Site Airfield LNI
medium_airport Lincoln Airport LNK
small_airport Lake County Executive Airport LNN
small_airport Lonesome Pine Airport LNP
small_airport Tri-County Regional Airport LNR
medium_airport Lancaster Airport LNS
medium_airport Lanai Airport LNY
medium_airport Derby Field LOL
heliport Lowe AHP (Fort Rucker) Heliport LOR
small_airport Lewis University Airport LOT
medium_airport Bowman Field LOU
small_airport Louisa County Airport/Freeman Field LOW
medium_airport London-Corbin Airport/Magee Field LOZ
small_airport Lompoc Airport LPC
small_airport La Porte Municipal Airport LPO
small_airport Lopez Island Airport LPS
small_airport Pickens County Airport LQK
medium_airport Laredo International Airport LRD
medium_airport Little Rock Air Force Base LRF
small_airport Le Mars Municipal Airport LRJ
closed Sharpe AAF LRO
medium_airport Las Cruces International Airport LRU
small_airport Lordsburg Municipal Airport LSB
medium_airport La Crosse Municipal Airport LSE
medium_airport Lawson Army Air Field (Fort Benning) LSF
small_airport Lusk Municipal Airport LSK
small_airport Los Banos Municipal Airport LSN
medium_airport Nellis Air Force Base LSV
closed Lathrop Wells Airport / Jackass Aeropark LTH
large_airport Altus Air Force Base LTS
small_airport St. Mary's County Regional Airport LTW
large_airport Luke Air Force Base LUF
medium_airport Cincinnati Municipal Airport Lunken Field LUK
small_airport Hesler Noble Field LUL
small_airport Kalaupapa Airport LUP
medium_airport Cape Lisburne LRRS Airport LUR
small_airport Lime Village Airport LVD
small_airport Livermore Municipal Airport LVK
small_airport Brunswick Municipal Airport LVL
medium_airport Mission Field LVM
medium_airport Las Vegas Municipal Airport LVS
medium_airport Greenbrier Valley Airport LWB
small_airport Lawrence Municipal Airport LWC
small_airport Wells Municipal Airport/Harriet Field LWL
medium_airport Lawrence Municipal Airport LWM
medium_airport Lewiston Nez Perce County Airport LWS
medium_airport Lewistown Municipal Airport LWT
small_airport Lawrenceville Vincennes International Airport LWV
small_airport Jim Kelly Field LXN
small_airport Lake County Airport LXV
medium_airport Lynchburg Regional Preston Glenn Field LYH
small_airport Lyons-Rice County Municipal Airport LYO
medium_airport Ely Municipal Airport LYU
small_airport Gwinnett County Briscoe Field LZU
small_airport Macon Downtown Airport MAC
small_airport Madera Municipal Airport MAE
medium_airport Midland International Airport MAF
small_airport Malden Regional Airport MAW
medium_airport Mobridge Municipal Airport MBG
small_airport Manistee County Blacker Airport MBL
large_airport MBS International Airport MBS
small_airport Omar N Bradley Airport MBY
medium_airport McComb-Pike County Airport / John E Lewis Field MCB
medium_airport Mc Clellan Airfield MCC
small_airport Mackinac Island Airport MCD
medium_airport Merced Regional Macready Field MCE
large_airport Mac Dill Air Force Base MCF
medium_airport McGrath Airport MCG
large_airport Kansas City International Airport MCI
medium_airport Mc Cook Ben Nelson Regional Airport MCK
small_airport McKinley National Park Airport MCL
medium_airport Middle Georgia Regional Airport MCN
large_airport Orlando International Airport MCO
medium_airport Mason City Municipal Airport MCW
heliport Martindale Army Heliport MDA
small_airport Midland Airpark MDD
small_airport Taylor County Airport MDF
medium_airport Southern Illinois Airport MDH
small_airport Madras Municipal Airport MDJ
small_airport Madison Municipal Airport MDN
small_airport Middleton Island Airport MDO
medium_airport Harrisburg International Airport MDT
large_airport Chicago Midway International Airport MDW
medium_airport Key Field / Meridian Regional Airport MEI
small_airport Port Meadville Airport MEJ
large_airport Memphis International Airport MEM
small_airport Dare County Regional Airport MEO
medium_airport Castle Airport MER
small_airport Minden-Tahoe Airport MEV
medium_airport Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport MFD
medium_airport Mc Allen Miller International Airport MFE
large_airport Mesquite International Airport MFH
small_airport Marshfield Municipal Airport MFI
medium_airport Rogue Valley International Medford Airport MFR
small_airport Accomack County Airport MFV
small_airport Michigan City Municipal Airport MGC
large_airport Dobbins Air Reserve Base MGE
closed Matagorda Island Air Force Base MGI
small_airport Orange County Airport MGJ
large_airport Montgomery Regional (Dannelly Field) Airport MGM
small_airport Moultrie Municipal Airport MGR
medium_airport Morgantown Municipal Walter L. Bill Hart Field MGW
small_airport Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport MGY
small_airport Mitchell Municipal Airport MHE
medium_airport Manhattan Regional Airport MHK
small_airport Marshall Memorial Municipal Airport MHL
small_airport Hooker County Airport MHN
medium_airport Sacramento Mather Airport MHR
small_airport Dunsmuir Muni-Mott Airport MHS
large_airport Manchester-Boston Regional Airport MHT
small_airport Mojave Airport MHV
large_airport Miami International Airport MIA
medium_airport Minot Air Force Base MIB
medium_airport Delaware County Johnson Field MIE
small_airport Roy Hurd Memorial Airport MIF
small_airport Shafter Airport - Minter Field MIT
medium_airport Millville Municipal Airport MIV
small_airport Ocean County Airport MJX
medium_airport Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport MKC
large_airport General Mitchell International Airport MKE
medium_airport Muskegon County Airport MKG
medium_airport Molokai Airport MKK
medium_airport McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport MKL
medium_airport Melbourne International Airport MLB
medium_airport Mc Alester Regional Airport MLC
large_airport Quad City International Airport MLI
small_airport Malta Airport MLK
medium_airport Marshall Don Hunter Sr Airport MLL
medium_airport Frank Wiley Field MLS
large_airport Monroe Regional Airport MLU
small_airport Manley Hot Springs Airport MLY
small_airport Mammoth Yosemite Airport MMH
small_airport McMinn County Airport MMI
small_airport Southwest Minnesota Regional Airport - Marshall/Ryan Field MML
small_airport Selfs Airport MMS
medium_airport Mc Entire Joint National Guard Base MMT
medium_airport Morristown Municipal Airport MMU
small_airport Menominee Regional Airport MNM
small_airport Marion Municipal Airport MNN
small_airport Minto Al Wright Airport MNT
small_airport Manassas Regional Airport/Harry P. Davis Field MNZ
large_airport Mobile Regional Airport MOB
medium_airport Modesto City Co-Harry Sham Field MOD
small_airport Moses Point Airport MOS
medium_airport Minot International Airport MOT
small_airport Mountain Village Airport MOU
seaplane_base Miami Seaplane Base MPB
closed Griswold Airport MPE
small_airport Petit Jean Park Airport MPJ
small_airport Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport MPO
medium_airport Edward F Knapp State Airport MPV
small_airport Mount Pleasant Municipal Airport MPZ
small_airport Macomb Municipal Airport MQB
medium_airport Sawyer International Airport MQT
medium_airport Smyrna Airport MQY
medium_airport Eastern WV Regional Airport/Shepherd Field MRB
small_airport Maury County Airport MRC
small_airport Marfa Municipal Airport MRF
medium_airport Merrill Field MRI
small_airport Marco Island Executive Airport MRK
small_airport Foothills Regional Airport MRN
medium_airport Monterey Peninsula Airport MRY
small_airport Falcon Field MSC
closed Mount Pleasant Airport MSD
medium_airport Northwest Alabama Regional Airport MSL
large_airport Dane County Regional Truax Field MSN
medium_airport Missoula International Airport MSO
large_airport Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport / Wold–Chamberlain Field MSP
medium_airport Massena International Richards Field MSS
small_airport Sullivan County International Airport MSV
large_airport Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport MSY
medium_airport Selfridge Air National Guard Base Airport MTC
medium_airport The Florida Keys Marathon Airport MTH
medium_airport Montrose Regional Airport MTJ
seaplane_base Metlakatla Seaplane Base MTM
medium_airport Martin State Airport MTN
small_airport Coles County Memorial Airport MTO
small_airport Montauk Airport MTP
small_airport Manitowoc County Airport MTW
small_airport Metro Field MTX
medium_airport Waimea Kohala Airport MUE
medium_airport Muir Army Air Field (Fort Indiantown Gap) Airport MUI
large_airport Mountain Home Air Force Base MUO
small_airport Muscatine Municipal Airport MUT
small_airport Monroe County Aeroplex Airport MVC
small_airport Montevideo Chippewa County Airport MVE
small_airport Morrisville Stowe State Airport MVL
small_airport Kayenta Airport MVM
small_airport Skagit Regional Airport MVW
small_airport Martha's Vineyard Airport MVY
small_airport Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois MWA
small_airport Lawrence J Timmerman Airport MWC
medium_airport Grant County International Airport MWH
small_airport Mineral Wells Regional Airport MWL
small_airport Middletown Regional Airport MWO
small_airport Manila Municipal Airport MXA
small_airport Monticello Airport MXC
small_airport Laurinburg Maxton Airport MXE
medium_airport Maxwell Air Force Base MXF
closed Marlboro Airport MXG
small_airport Mc Carthy Airport MXY
small_airport Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport MYF
small_airport May Creek Airport MYK
medium_airport McCall Municipal Airport MYL
medium_airport Myrtle Beach International Airport MYR
medium_airport Mekoryuk Airport MYU
medium_airport Yuba County Airport MYV
small_airport Pinal Airpark MZJ
small_airport Marion Municipal Airport MZZ
medium_airport New Orleans NAS JRB/Alvin Callender Field NBG
small_airport Chenega Bay Airport NCN
medium_airport Quonset State Airport NCO
medium_airport Lakehurst Maxfield Field Airport NEL
small_airport Whitehouse Naval Outlying Field NEN
medium_airport Lakefront Airport NEW
medium_airport Fallon Naval Air Station NFL
medium_airport Kaneohe Bay MCAS (Marion E. Carl Field) Airport NGF
medium_airport Norfolk Naval Station (Chambers Field) NGU
closed Alameda Naval Air Station NGZ
medium_airport Patuxent River Naval Air Station (Trapnell Field) NHK
small_airport Naval Outlying Field Barin NHX
medium_airport Brunswick Executive Airport NHZ
small_airport Nikolai Airport NIB
medium_airport Jacksonville Naval Air Station (Towers Field) NIP
small_airport Chase Field Industrial Airport NIR
medium_airport El Centro NAF Airport (Vraciu Field) NJK
seaplane_base Naukati Bay Seaplane Base NKI
medium_airport Miramar Marine Corps Air Station - Mitscher Field NKX
medium_airport Lemoore Naval Air Station (Reeves Field) Airport NLC
small_airport Jerry Tyler Memorial Airport NLE
small_airport Nelson Lagoon Airport NLG
small_airport Kneeland Airport NLN
small_airport Nightmute Airport NME
small_airport Naknek Airport NNK
small_airport Nondalton Airport NNL
small_airport Marin County Airport - Gnoss Field NOT
medium_airport Pensacola Naval Air Station/Forrest Sherman Field NPA
large_airport Nephi-Central Utah International Airport NPH
small_airport Newport State Airport NPT
medium_airport Millington-Memphis Airport NQA
medium_airport Kingsville Naval Air Station NQI
medium_airport Naval Air Station Key West/Boca Chica Field NQX
medium_airport Naval Station Mayport (Admiral David L. Mcdonald Field) NRB
closed NASA Crows Landing Airport NRC
small_airport Grand Lake Regional Airport NRI
small_airport Naval Outlying Field Imperial Beach (Ream Field) NRS
medium_airport Whiting Field Naval Air Station - North NSE
small_airport Slayton Municipal Airport NSL
medium_airport Point Mugu Naval Air Station (Naval Base Ventura Co) NTD
small_airport Manti-Ephraim Airport NTJ
medium_airport Oceana Naval Air Station NTU
medium_airport Nuiqsut Airport NUI
small_airport Nulato Airport NUL
small_airport Nunapitchuk Airport NUP
medium_airport Moffett Federal Airfield NUQ
medium_airport Whidbey Island Naval Air Station (Ault Field) NUW
small_airport Nervino Airport NVN
medium_airport North Island Naval Air Station-Halsey Field NZY
medium_airport Albert J Ellis Airport OAJ
large_airport Metropolitan Oakland International Airport OAK
small_airport Marina Municipal Airport OAR
small_airport Okeechobee County Airport OBE
closed Sky Harbor Airport OBK
small_airport Kobuk Airport OBU
small_airport Ocean Reef Club Airport OCA
small_airport Ocean City Municipal Airport OCE
small_airport Ocala International Airport - Jim Taylor Field OCF
small_airport A L Mangham Jr. Regional Airport OCH
small_airport Oceanside Municipal Airport OCN
small_airport Warren Field OCW
small_airport Oakdale Airport ODC
small_airport AJ Eisenberg Airport ODW
small_airport O'Neal Airport OEA
small_airport L O Simenstad Municipal Airport OEO
medium_airport Offutt Air Force Base OFF
medium_airport Karl Stefan Memorial Airport OFK
small_airport Searle Field OGA
medium_airport Orangeburg Municipal Airport OGB
medium_airport Ogden Hinckley Airport OGD
medium_airport Kahului Airport OGG
small_airport Ogdensburg International Airport OGS
small_airport Lt Warren Eaton Airport OIC
closed Splane Memorial Airport OIL
small_airport Johnson County Executive Airport OJC
large_airport Will Rogers World Airport OKC
small_airport Kokomo Municipal Airport OKK
small_airport Okmulgee Regional Airport OKM
small_airport Garden County Airport/King Rhiley Field OKS
small_airport Dewitt Field,Old Town Municipal Airport OLD
medium_airport L M Clayton Airport OLF
small_airport Old Harbor Airport OLH
medium_airport Olympia Regional Airport OLM
medium_airport Nogales International Airport OLS
small_airport Olive Branch Airport OLV
large_airport Eppley Airfield OMA
medium_airport Nome Airport OME
small_airport Omak Airport OMK
small_airport The O'Neill Municipal John L Baker Field ONL
small_airport Ontario Municipal Airport ONO
medium_airport Newport Municipal Airport ONP
large_airport Ontario International Airport ONT
small_airport Toksook Bay Airport OOK
medium_airport Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport OPF
large_airport Chicago O'Hare International Airport ORD
large_airport Norfolk International Airport ORF
medium_airport Worcester Regional Airport ORH
small_airport Port Lions Airport ORI
small_airport Orlando Executive Airport ORL
medium_airport Northway Airport ORT
small_airport Robert (Bob) Curtis Memorial Airport ORV
small_airport Oscoda Wurtsmith Airport OSC
medium_airport Wittman Regional Airport OSH
medium_airport The Ohio State University Airport - Don Scott Field OSU
medium_airport Southwest Oregon Regional Airport OTH
small_airport Tillamook Airport OTK
medium_airport Ottumwa Regional Airport OTM
small_airport Ed-Air Airport OTN
small_airport Anacortes Airport OTS
medium_airport Ralph Wien Memorial Airport OTZ
small_airport University of Oklahoma Westheimer Airport OUN
small_airport Oroville Municipal Airport OVE
small_airport Owatonna Degner Regional Airport OWA
medium_airport Owensboro Daviess County Airport OWB
medium_airport Norwood Memorial Airport OWD
small_airport Central Maine Airport of Norridgewock OWK
small_airport Waterbury Oxford Airport OXC
small_airport Miami University Airport OXD
medium_airport Oxnard Airport OXR
small_airport Ozona Municipal Airport OZA
medium_airport Cairns AAF (Fort Rucker) Air Field OZR
medium_airport Snohomish County (Paine Field) Airport PAE
medium_airport Barkley Regional Airport PAH
small_airport Port Allen Airport PAK
large_airport Tyndall Air Force Base PAM
small_airport Palo Alto Airport of Santa Clara County PAO
medium_airport Warren "Bud" Woods Palmer Municipal Airport PAQ
medium_airport Pine Bluff Regional Airport, Grider Field PBF
medium_airport Plattsburgh International Airport PBG
large_airport Palm Beach International Airport PBI
small_airport Portage Creek Airport PCA
small_airport Prairie Du Chien Municipal Airport PCD
small_airport Princeton Airport PCT
small_airport Poplarville Pearl River County Airport PCU
small_airport Pedro Bay Airport PDB
medium_airport DeKalb Peachtree Airport PDK
medium_airport Eastern Oregon Regional At Pendleton Airport PDT
large_airport Portland International Airport PDX
seaplane_base Pelican Seaplane Base PEC
small_airport Pecos Municipal Airport PEQ
small_airport Pacific City State Airport PFC
medium_airport Page Municipal Airport PGA
small_airport Grant County Airport PGC
small_airport Charlotte County Airport PGD
small_airport Trent Lott International Airport PGL
small_airport Port Graham Airport PGM
small_airport Stevens Field PGO
small_airport Kirk Field PGR
medium_airport Pitt Greenville Airport PGV
small_airport Harry Clever Field PHD
large_airport Newport News Williamsburg International Airport PHF
small_airport Palm Beach County Glades Airport PHK
large_airport Philadelphia International Airport PHL
small_airport St Clair County International Airport PHN
small_airport Point Hope Airport PHO
small_airport Philip Airport PHP
small_airport Henry County Airport PHT
large_airport Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport PHX
large_airport General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport PIA
medium_airport Hattiesburg Laurel Regional Airport PIB
medium_airport St Petersburg Clearwater International Airport PIE
medium_airport Pocatello Regional Airport PIH
small_airport Harris County Airport PIM
small_airport Pilot Point Airport PIP
medium_airport Pierre Regional Airport PIR
large_airport Pittsburgh International Airport PIT
medium_airport Point Lay LRRS Airport PIZ
small_airport Payson Airport PJB
small_airport Napaskiak Airport PKA
medium_airport Mid Ohio Valley Regional Airport PKB
small_airport Park Rapids Municipal Konshok Field PKD
small_airport Park Falls Municipal Airport PKF
closed Clinton County Airport PLB
small_airport M. Graham Clark Downtown Airport PLK
medium_airport Pellston Regional Airport of Emmet County Airport PLN
small_airport St Clair County Airport PLR
small_airport Plymouth Municipal Airport PLY
small_airport Pembina Municipal Airport PMB
medium_airport Palmdale Regional Airport / USAF Plant 42 Airport PMD
small_airport Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport PMH
small_airport Port Moller Airport PML
small_airport Metropolitan Airport PMX
medium_airport Ponca City Regional Airport PNC
medium_airport Northeast Philadelphia Airport PNE
small_airport Princeton Municipal Airport PNN
medium_airport Pensacola International Airport PNS
small_airport Panguitch Municipal Airport PNU
small_airport North Texas Regional Airport/Perrin Field PNX
medium_airport Pope Field POB
small_airport Brackett Field POC
medium_airport Polk Army Air Field POE
small_airport Poplar Bluff Municipal Airport POF
medium_airport Dutchess County Airport POU
small_airport Powell Municipal Airport POY
small_airport Perry Lefors Field PPA
small_airport Prospect Creek Airport PPC
small_airport Tri-City Airport PPF
small_airport Pompano Beach Airpark PPM
seaplane_base Port Protection Seaplane Base PPV
medium_airport Presque Isle International Airport PQI
small_airport Pilot Station Airport PQS
medium_airport Paso Robles Municipal Airport PRB
large_airport Prescott International Airport - Ernest A. Love Field PRC
small_airport Perry Municipal Airport PRO
small_airport Prentice Airport PRW
medium_airport Cox Field PRX
small_airport Prineville Airport PRZ
medium_airport Tri Cities Airport PSC
small_airport Pittsfield Municipal Airport PSF
medium_airport Petersburg James A Johnson Airport PSG
small_airport New River Valley Airport PSK
medium_airport Portsmouth International at Pease Airport PSM
small_airport Palestine Municipal Airport PSN
medium_airport Palm Springs International Airport PSP
seaplane_base Philadelphia Seaplane Base PSQ
small_airport Palacios Municipal Airport PSX
small_airport Port Alsworth Airport PTA
small_airport Dinwiddie County Airport PTB
seaplane_base Port Alice Seaplane Base PTC
seaplane_base Port Alexander Seaplane Base PTD
medium_airport Port Heiden Airport PTH
medium_airport Oakland County International Airport PTK
small_airport Harry P Williams Memorial Airport PTN
small_airport Pratt Regional Airport PTT
medium_airport Platinum Airport PTU
small_airport Porterville Municipal Airport PTV
small_airport Heritage Field PTW
small_airport Pueblo Memorial Airport PUB
small_airport Carbon County Regional/Buck Davis Field PUC
seaplane_base Port of Poulsbo Marina Moorage Seaplane Base PUL
medium_airport Pullman Moscow Regional Airport PUW
small_airport Provincetown Municipal Airport PVC
large_airport Theodore Francis Green State Airport PVD
small_airport Placerville Airport PVF
small_airport Pike County-Hatcher Field PVL
large_airport Provo-Utah Lake International Airport PVU
small_airport Hale County Airport PVW
closed Casement Airport PVZ
small_airport Wiley Post Airport PWA
small_airport Sher-Wood Airport PWD
medium_airport Chicago Executive Airport PWK
large_airport Portland International Jetport PWM
seaplane_base Port Walter Seaplane Base PWR
medium_airport Bremerton National Airport PWT
medium_airport Ralph Wenz Field PWY
small_airport Polacca Airport PXL
seaplane_base Perry Island Seaplane Base PYL
small_airport Plymouth Municipal Airport PYM
seaplane_base New York Skyports Inc Seaplane Base QNY
closed Wilgrove Air Park QWG
small_airport John H Batten Airport RAC
medium_airport Riverside Municipal Airport RAL
medium_airport Rapid City Regional Airport RAP
small_airport Dallas Executive Airport RBD
small_airport Big Bear City Airport RBF
small_airport Roseburg Regional Airport RBG
small_airport French Valley Airport RBK
medium_airport Red Bluff Municipal Airport RBL
small_airport Lowcountry Regional Airport RBW
medium_airport Ruby Airport RBY
medium_airport Ellsworth Air Force Base RCA
small_airport Roche Harbor Airport RCE
small_airport H H Coffield Regional Airport RCK
small_airport Fulton County Airport RCR
small_airport Nartron Field RCT
small_airport Red Dog Airport RDB
medium_airport Redding Municipal Airport RDD
medium_airport Reading Regional Airport (Carl A Spaatz Field) RDG
medium_airport Roberts Field RDM
medium_airport Grand Forks Air Force Base RDR
large_airport Raleigh Durham International Airport RDU
small_airport Red Devil Airport RDV
small_airport Mifflin County Airport RED
small_airport Reese Airpark REE
closed Rehoboth Airport REH
small_airport Rome State Airport REO
large_airport Chicago Rockford International Airport RFD
small_airport Rooke Field RFG
small_airport Ranger Municipal Airport RGR
medium_airport Rhinelander Oneida County Airport RHI
small_airport Reid-Hillview Airport of Santa Clara County RHV
large_airport Richmond International Airport RIC
small_airport Rice Lake Regional Airport - Carl's Field RIE
medium_airport Garfield County Regional Airport RIL
medium_airport March Air Reserve Base RIV
medium_airport Riverton Regional Airport RIW
small_airport Knox County Regional Airport RKD
small_airport Rock Hill - York County Airport RKH
small_airport Aransas County Airport RKP
medium_airport Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport RKS
small_airport Rockwood Municipal Airport RKW
small_airport Rolla Downtown Airport RLA
medium_airport Griffiss International Airport RME
medium_airport Richard B Russell Airport RMG
small_airport Rampart Airport RMP
small_airport Mariposa Yosemite Airport RMY
small_airport Warren County Memorial Airport RNC
large_airport Randolph Air Force Base RND
large_airport Reno Tahoe International Airport RNO
small_airport Renton Municipal Airport RNT
small_airport Jasper County Airport RNZ
large_airport Roanoke–Blacksburg Regional Airport ROA
large_airport Greater Rochester International Airport ROC
small_airport Montague-Yreka Rohrer Field ROF
small_airport Rogers Municipal Airport-Carter Field ROG
small_airport Roosevelt Municipal Airport ROL
medium_airport Roswell Air Center Airport ROW
small_airport Roseau Municipal Rudy Billberg Field ROX
small_airport Roundup Airport RPX
small_airport El Reno Regional Airport RQO
small_airport Merrill Municipal Airport RRL
small_airport Warroad International Memorial Airport RRT
small_airport Russian Mission Airport RSH
seaplane_base Rosario Seaplane Base RSJ
medium_airport Russell Municipal Airport RSL
small_airport Ruston Regional Airport RSN
large_airport Rochester International Airport RST
large_airport Southwest Florida International Airport RSW
seaplane_base Rouses Point Seaplane Base RSX
small_airport Spirit Lake Municipal Airport RTL
small_airport Raton Municipal Airport / Crews Field RTN
medium_airport Sierra Blanca Regional Airport RUI
medium_airport Rutland - Southern Vermont Regional Airport RUT
small_airport Green River Municipal Airport RVR
medium_airport Richard Lloyd Jones Jr Airport RVS
medium_airport Redwood Falls Municipal Airport RWF
medium_airport Rocky Mount Wilson Regional Airport RWI
medium_airport Rawlins Municipal Airport/Harvey Field RWL
small_airport Rexburg Madison County Airport RXE
closed Halifax County Airport RZZ
small_airport Shively Field SAA
medium_airport Sacramento Executive Airport SAC
small_airport Safford Regional Airport SAD
medium_airport Santa Fe Municipal Airport SAF
large_airport San Diego International Airport SAN
small_airport Sparta Community Hunter Field SAR
small_airport Salton Sea Airport SAS
large_airport San Antonio International Airport SAT
large_airport Savannah Hilton Head International Airport SAV
medium_airport Santa Barbara Municipal Airport SBA
large_airport San Bernardino International Airport SBD
small_airport Sheboygan County Memorial Airport SBM
large_airport South Bend Regional Airport SBN
small_airport Salina Gunnison Airport SBO
medium_airport San Luis County Regional Airport SBP
small_airport Steamboat Springs Bob Adams Field SBS
small_airport Shelby Airport SBX
medium_airport Salisbury Ocean City Wicomico Regional Airport SBY
small_airport Scribner State Airport SCB
medium_airport Deadhorse Airport SCC
medium_airport University Park Airport SCE
small_airport Scottsdale Airport SCF
medium_airport Schenectady County Airport SCH
medium_airport Stockton Metropolitan Airport SCK
medium_airport Scammon Bay Airport SCM
large_airport Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport SDF
medium_airport Brown Field Municipal Airport SDM
medium_airport Sand Point Airport SDP
small_airport Sedona Airport SDX
medium_airport Sidney - Richland Regional Airport SDY
large_airport Seattle Tacoma International Airport SEA
small_airport Gillespie Field SEE
small_airport Sebring Regional Airport SEF
small_airport Penn Valley Airport SEG
small_airport Craig Field SEM
small_airport Stephenville Clark Regional Airport SEP
small_airport Freeman Municipal Airport SER
large_airport Orlando Sanford International Airport SFB
medium_airport Felts Field SFF
small_airport Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport SFM
large_airport San Francisco International Airport SFO
closed San Fernando Airport SFR
small_airport North Central State Airport SFZ
large_airport Springfield Branson National Airport SGF
medium_airport Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport SGH
medium_airport Sugar Land Regional Airport SGR
small_airport Stuttgart Municipal Airport / Carl Humphrey Field SGT
large_airport Saint George-Southwest Utah International Airport SGU
seaplane_base Saginaw Seaplane Base SGW
small_airport Skagway Airport SGY
small_airport Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport SHD
small_airport Shungnak Airport SHG
medium_airport Shishmaref Airport SHH
small_airport Sanderson Field SHN
medium_airport Sheridan County Airport SHR
medium_airport Shreveport Regional Airport SHV
small_airport Shageluk Airport SHX
small_airport Sikeston Memorial Municipal Airport SIK
medium_airport Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport SIT
small_airport Sullivan County Airport SIV
large_airport Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport SJC
small_airport St Johns Industrial Air Park SJN
medium_airport San Angelo Regional Mathis Field SJT
large_airport Fairchild Air Force Base SKA
medium_airport Lackland Air Force Base SKF
closed Sitkinak Airport SKJ
small_airport Shaktoolik Airport SKK
small_airport Skwentna Airport SKW
closed Griffing Sandusky Airport SKY
small_airport Storm Lake Municipal Airport SLB
large_airport Salt Lake City International Airport SLC
medium_airport Salem Municipal Airport/McNary Field SLE
small_airport Smith Field SLG
medium_airport Adirondack Regional Airport SLK
medium_airport Salina Municipal Airport SLN
small_airport Salem Leckrone Airport SLO
small_airport Sleetmute Airport SLQ
small_airport Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport SLR
small_airport Salida Airport Harriett Alexander Field SLT
small_airport Smith Field SMD
medium_airport Lake Cumberland Regional Airport SME
large_airport Sacramento International Airport SMF
small_airport St Michael Airport SMK
medium_airport Lemhi County Airport SMN
small_airport Santa Monica Municipal Airport SMO
small_airport Sheep Mountain Airport SMU
medium_airport Santa Maria Pub/Capt G Allan Hancock Field SMX
large_airport John Wayne Airport-Orange County Airport SNA
small_airport Winston Field SNK
small_airport Shawnee Regional Airport SNL
medium_airport St Paul Island Airport SNP
medium_airport Salinas Municipal Airport SNS
medium_airport Sidney Municipal-Lloyd W Carr Field SNY
small_airport Solomon State Field SOL
small_airport Moore County Airport SOP
small_airport Seldovia Airport SOV
small_airport Show Low Regional Airport SOW
small_airport Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport SPA
small_airport Black Hills Airport-Clyde Ice Field SPF
small_airport Albert Whitted Airport SPG
large_airport Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport SPI
heliport Catalina Air-Sea Terminal Heliport SPQ
large_airport Sheppard Air Force Base-Wichita Falls Municipal Airport SPS
small_airport Spencer Municipal Airport SPW
small_airport Springdale Municipal Airport SPZ
small_airport Santa Ynez Airport SQA
small_airport Whiteside County Airport-Joseph H Bittorf Field SQI
small_airport San Carlos Airport SQL
small_airport Sequim Valley Airport SQV
closed Hamilton Field SRF
large_airport Sarasota Bradenton International Airport SRQ
closed Santa Cruz Sky Park SRU
small_airport Stony River 2 Airport SRV
small_airport Mid-Carolina Regional Airport SRW
large_airport Shaw Air Force Base SSC
medium_airport Stinson Municipal Airport SSF
medium_airport St Simons Island Airport SSI
closed Greenbrier Airport SSU
small_airport Stuart Island Airpark SSW
medium_airport Saint Cloud Regional Airport STC
small_airport Stevens Point Municipal Airport STE
medium_airport St George Airport STG
medium_airport Rosecrans Memorial Airport STJ
small_airport Sterling Municipal Airport STK
large_airport St Louis Lambert International Airport STL
medium_airport St Paul Downtown Holman Field STP
small_airport St Marys Municipal Airport STQ
medium_airport Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport STS
small_airport Witham Field SUA
small_airport Stroud Municipal Airport SUD
small_airport Door County Cherryland Airport SUE
small_airport Sumter Airport SUM
medium_airport Friedman Memorial Airport SUN
small_airport Sunriver Airport SUO
large_airport Spirit of St Louis Airport SUS
large_airport Travis Air Force Base SUU
small_airport Richard I Bong Airport SUW
large_airport Sioux Gateway Airport / Brigadier General Bud Day Field SUX
medium_airport Savoonga Airport SVA
small_airport Grant County Airport SVC
small_airport Susanville Municipal Airport SVE
small_airport Statesville Regional Airport SVH
medium_airport Hunter Army Air Field SVN
small_airport Stevens Village Airport SVS
medium_airport Sparrevohn LRRS Airport SVW
medium_airport Seward Airport SWD
medium_airport New York Stewart International Airport SWF
medium_airport Stillwater Regional Airport SWO
small_airport Avenger Field SWW
small_airport Nunam Iqua Airport SXP
medium_airport Soldotna Airport SXQ
small_airport Sidney Municipal Airport SXY
medium_airport Eareckson Air Station SYA
small_airport Seal Bay Seaplane Base SYB
small_airport Bomar Field Shelbyville Municipal Airport SYI
heliport Roberts Army Heliport SYL
small_airport Stanton Airfield SYN
large_airport Syracuse Hancock International Airport SYR
small_airport Sylvester Airport SYV
large_airport Whiteman Air Force Base SZL
small_airport Santa Cruz Island Airport SZN
small_airport Santa Paula Airport SZP
small_airport Perry Stokes Airport TAD
small_airport Ralph M Calhoun Memorial Airport TAL
small_airport Tuba City Airport TBC
medium_airport Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Forney field TBN
small_airport Statesboro Bulloch County Airport TBR
medium_airport Tucumcari Municipal Airport TCC
medium_airport Tuscaloosa Regional Airport TCL
large_airport McChord Air Force Base TCM
medium_airport Truth or Consequences Municipal Airport TCS
small_airport Takotna Airport TCT
small_airport Ed Carlson Memorial Field South Lewis County Airport TDO
small_airport Tradewind Airport TDW
small_airport Toledo Executive Airport TDZ
medium_airport Teterboro Airport TEB
small_airport Tatitlek Airport TEK
small_airport Telluride Regional Airport TEX
small_airport Sharpe Field TGE
small_airport Tullahoma Regional Arpt/Wm Northern Field THA
small_airport Thompson Falls Airport THM
small_airport Hot Springs County Airport THP
small_airport York Airport THV
large_airport Tinker Air Force Base TIK
medium_airport Tacoma Narrows Airport TIW
medium_airport Space Coast Regional Airport TIX
medium_airport Talkeetna Airport TKA
seaplane_base Tenakee Seaplane Base TKE
medium_airport Truckee Tahoe Airport TKF
seaplane_base Tokeen Seaplane Base TKI
small_airport Tok Junction Airport TKJ
seaplane_base Taku Lodge Seaplane Base TKL
small_airport Teller Airport TLA
small_airport Telida Airport TLF
large_airport Tallahassee Regional Airport TLH
medium_airport Tatalina LRRS Airport TLJ
small_airport Mefford Field TLR
small_airport Tuluksak Airport TLT
small_airport Henry Tift Myers Airport TMA
medium_airport Miami Executive Airport TMB
small_airport Tin City Long Range Radar Station Airport TNC
small_airport Tununak Airport TNK
small_airport Twentynine Palms Airport TNP
small_airport Dade Collier Training and Transition Airport TNT
small_airport Newton Municipal Airport TNU
small_airport Zamperini Field TOA
small_airport Toccoa Airport - R.G. Letourneau Field TOC
medium_airport Togiak Airport TOG
medium_airport Troy Municipal Airport at N Kenneth Campbell Field TOI
large_airport Toledo Express Airport TOL
medium_airport Philip Billard Municipal Airport TOP
small_airport Torrington Municipal Airport TOR
large_airport Tampa International Airport TPA
small_airport Peter O Knight Airport TPF
medium_airport Tonopah Airport TPH
medium_airport Draughon Miller Central Texas Regional Airport TPL
small_airport Trona Airport TRH
large_airport Tri-Cities Regional TN/VA Airport TRI
small_airport Terrell Municipal Airport TRL
medium_airport Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport TRM
small_airport Tanacross Airport TSG
small_airport Taos Regional Airport TSM
small_airport Tehachapi Municipal Airport TSP
heliport East 34th Street Heliport TSS
medium_airport Portland Troutdale Airport TTD
medium_airport Trenton Mercer Airport TTN
small_airport Britton Municipal Airport TTO
small_airport Arnold Air Force Base TUH
large_airport Tulsa International Airport TUL
medium_airport Tupelo Regional Airport TUP
large_airport Tucson International Airport / Morris Air National Guard Base TUS
medium_airport Cherry Capital Airport TVC
small_airport Thief River Falls Regional Airport TVF
small_airport Thomasville Regional Airport TVI
medium_airport Lake Tahoe Airport TVL
small_airport Twin Hills Airport TWA
small_airport Jefferson County International Airport TWD
small_airport Taylor Airport TWE
medium_airport Joslin Field Magic Valley Regional Airport TWF
seaplane_base Two Harbors Amphibious Terminal TWH
medium_airport Texarkana Regional Webb Field TXK
small_airport Tyonek Airport TYE
medium_airport Tyler Pounds Regional Airport TYR
large_airport McGhee Tyson Airport TYS
small_airport Taylor Airport TYZ
small_airport Tuscola Area Airport TZC
closed University of Arizona Training Field (Under Planning/Construction) UAY
small_airport Columbus Lowndes County Airport UBS
small_airport Yucca Airstrip UCC
small_airport Eunice Airport UCE
small_airport Everett-Stewart Regional Airport UCY
small_airport Bermuda Dunes Airport UDD
small_airport Waukesha County Airport UES
small_airport Ugashik Bay Airport UGB
seaplane_base San Juan /Uganik/ Seaplane Base UGI
small_airport Waukegan National Airport UGN
small_airport Ugashik Airport UGS
small_airport Quillayute Airport UIL
medium_airport Quincy Regional Baldwin Field UIN
closed Berz-Macomb Airport UIZ
medium_airport Ukiah Municipal Airport UKI
small_airport Waukon Municipal Airport UKN
small_airport Quakertown Airport UKT
small_airport New Ulm Municipal Airport ULM
small_airport Summit Airport UMM
small_airport Umiat Airport UMT
small_airport Unalakleet Airport UNK
small_airport Dodge County Airport UNU
small_airport Franklin County Airport UOS
medium_airport University Oxford Airport UOX
medium_airport Upolu Airport UPP
small_airport Concord-Padgett Regional Airport USA
medium_airport Northeast Florida Regional Airport UST
large_airport South Valley International Airport UTH
small_airport Tunica Municipal Airport UTM
medium_airport Indian Mountain LRRS Airport UTO
small_airport Ugnu-Kuparuk Airport UUK
small_airport Garner Field UVA
small_airport Ware Airport UWA
medium_airport Moody Air Force Base VAD
small_airport Chevak Airport VAK
large_airport Vandenberg Air Force Base VBG
medium_airport Victoria Regional Airport VCT
small_airport Southern California Logistics Airport VCV
small_airport Vidalia Regional Airport VDI
medium_airport Valdez Pioneer Field VDZ
small_airport Venetie Airport VEE
medium_airport Vernal Regional Airport VEL
small_airport Tioga Municipal Airport VEX
large_airport North Las Vegas Metropolitan International Airport VGT
small_airport Culberson County Airport VHN
small_airport Rolla National Airport VIH
large_airport Visalia International Airport VIS
small_airport Virginia Highlands Airport VJI
small_airport Vicksburg Municipal Airport VKS
small_airport Vandalia Municipal Airport VLA
medium_airport Valdosta Regional Airport VLD
small_airport Valle Airport VLE
small_airport Venice Municipal Airport VNC
medium_airport Van Nuys Airport VNY
medium_airport Volk Field VOK
large_airport Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport VPS
medium_airport Porter County Municipal Airport VPZ
small_airport Cecil Airport VQQ
medium_airport Vero Beach Regional Airport VRB
small_airport Roy Otten Memorial Airfield VRS
small_airport Hartness State (Springfield) Airport VSF
medium_airport Miller Field VTN
small_airport Illinois Valley Regional Airport-Walter A Duncan Field VYS
small_airport Wales Airport WAA
small_airport Harry Stern Airport WAH
small_airport Wallops Flight Facility Airport WAL
small_airport Greene County Airport WAY
small_airport Stebbins Airport WBB
small_airport West Branch Community Airport WBK
small_airport Beaver Airport WBQ
small_airport Roben Hood Airport WBR
small_airport Boulder Municipal Airport WBU
small_airport Wilkes Barre Wyoming Valley Airport WBW
small_airport Chandalar Lake Airport WCR
small_airport Enid Woodring Regional Airport WDG
small_airport Waldron Airstrip WDN
small_airport Barrow County Airport WDR
small_airport Parker County Airport WEA
seaplane_base Ketchikan Harbor Seaplane Base WFB
small_airport Northern Aroostook Regional Airport WFK
small_airport Winchester Regional Airport WGO
seaplane_base Hyder Seaplane Base WHD
small_airport Whiteman Airport WHP
small_airport Wharton Regional Airport WHT
small_airport Wilbarger County Airport WIB
medium_airport General WM J Fox Airfield WJF
medium_airport Aleknagik / New Airport WKK
heliport Waikoloa Heliport WKL
small_airport Strother Field WLD
medium_airport Selawik Airport WLK
seaplane_base Loring Seaplane Base WLR
small_airport Willows Glenn County Airport WLW
medium_airport Winnemucca Municipal Airport WMC
medium_airport Ozark Regional Airport WMH
seaplane_base Meyers Chuck Seaplane Base WMK
small_airport White Mountain Airport WMO
small_airport Napakiak Airport WNA
small_airport Willow Airport WOW
small_airport North Fork Valley Airport WPO
large_airport Robins Air Force Base WRB
medium_airport Wrangell Airport WRG
medium_airport Mc Guire Air Force Base WRI
medium_airport Worland Municipal Airport WRL
seaplane_base Steamboat Bay Seaplane Base WSB
small_airport Condron Army Air Field WSD
small_airport Washington County Airport WSG
small_airport Brookhaven Airport WSH
small_airport Wiseman Airport WSM
small_airport South Naknek Number 2 Airport WSN
small_airport Westerly State Airport WST
seaplane_base Westsound/Wsx Seaplane Base WSX
medium_airport Noatak Airport WTK
small_airport Tuntutuliak Airport WTL
small_airport Whiteriver Airport WTR
small_airport Watsonville Municipal Airport WVI
small_airport Waterville Robert Lafleur Airport WVL
medium_airport Wasilla Airport WWA
medium_airport Cape May County Airport WWD
seaplane_base Whale Pass Seaplane Float Harbor Facility WWP
medium_airport West Woodward Airport WWR
small_airport Newtok Airport WWT
seaplane_base Yes Bay Lodge Seaplane Base WYB
medium_airport Yellowstone Airport WYS
small_airport Grand Geneva Resort Airport XES
small_airport Madison Municipal Airport XMD
medium_airport Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport XNA
small_airport Pine Ridge Airport XPR
small_airport Tonopah Test Range Airport XSD
medium_airport Williston Basin International Airport XWA
medium_airport Yakutat Airport YAK
medium_airport Willow Run Airport YIP
medium_airport Yakima Air Terminal McAllister Field YKM
medium_airport Chan Gurney Municipal Airport YKN
medium_airport Youngstown Warren Regional Airport YNG
large_airport Yuma International Airport / Marine Corps Air Station Yuma YUM
small_airport Nyac Airport ZNC
small_airport Zephyrhills Municipal Airport ZPH
medium_airport Zanesville Municipal Airport ZZV